Tuesday, November 28, 2006

"Blackwater in Color"......Click here to bid

"Blackwater in Color" ...............6 x 6.....oil on linen
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I painted this in Maryland last week at the Blackwater Wildlife reguge... Scroll down to see the eagle that landed there. I painted him the day before. I will start selling these small works soon, and if you want this one today, I will let it go for $100. Soon I will let all my mail list know about the little ones for sale, but for now, only you faithful bloggers know :) Posted by Picasa


rob ijbema said...

very nice dreamy atmosphere
excellent massing of the trees
the birds are a nice touch!

Tom Brown said...

Wonderful! You've done it again. Great balance of brushwork, color, composition, values and mood. I can't wait to see your next piece. Have a colorful day! - Tom

Katherine said...

This is so gorgeous! I'm very impressed with your work Vince.