Monday, May 07, 2012

Trot Away

Trot Away___5x7 oil on canvas___$150
Working from my same "model" as the last two blog posts here is when she finally had had enough and trotted away. This sketch is another one using my "palette droppings" after a week of teaching "rookies". At the end of a few days the oils get sticky so I gather it all up. Hating to waste it, I have learned how to use it...I will teach a workshop in Fredericksburg next month, and plan to show how to work with palette droppings. My theme again is "Capturing Impressions Quickly"...this year we will work outside less and draw MORE! Email me if you are interested!
_______________V....Vaughan Spring Schedule________________

Workshop: Fredericksburg Artists School, June 11-14
High School/Middle School Student Workshops: Austin, TX, June 18-21
 Southeastern Plein Air Festival, works hang thru May, Gadsden, AL
Memorial Dy Weekend-May, Phippen Museum Western Art Show, Prescott, AZ

Summer Workshops in Texas, Colorado and more!
...see my schedule for more dates and events

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