Tuesday, March 12, 2013

36- Saguaro Hawk

Saguaro Hawk
12 x 9 oil___$550
#36 in the Birdseed Project
Hi Friends...I appreciate the notes of concern about my "absence"...again...First I will talk about today's ART! It's fun when I remember to take a picture of "step 1"...see below! You artists can look at these two pictures and almost "see" how I paint! I always look at step 1 and ask myself, "why did I go past that point?"...meaning, I usually like my "start" better than my "finish"  :)  Would love to hear from my artist friends about what you think, or if you have a question about how I got from "step 1" to "step 10" ...notice I did not bore you with pics of the middle steps :)
I came home from South Carolina to find a VERY SICK mom. She spent 2 weeks in hospital with pneumonia, and some other serious issues. At 89, her prognosis was not good...but, as "Mama Pedro", this was just a little blip in her routine! Of course, I was holding my breath...only exhaling to PRAY, but she seems on the road to recovery and is back at her nursing home!...I am back to feeding her birds, and asking y'all to pass the word about my birdseed project!  In fact PLEASE CLICK the link to read the latest news!!!
 God Bless Mom...and you ALL, too!
Saguaro Hawk---State 1
the "start"

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