Friday, October 13, 2006


YESTERAY's Picture of "Davie"

This picture didn't post, yesterday, so please read about it below.
I am still at the art show here in Shreveport...a very busy place!
I won an award and a little cash from the jury...The award for "Artistic Merit" is based on my entire body of work....I am honored....there are some really fine artists here.
The local TV Channel 6 invited me for an early morning interview and painting demo the other day and then the Shreveport Times newspaper came by for a video interview. You can see a clip at the link below....Click on "Artists talk shop at the Revel" my part plays right after the basket weaver. Let me know if you see it (I can get you a basket if you want one, but reply soon....this ends tomorow evening)!
You might need to copy and p[aste this in your browser...

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Robin Cheers said...

Hi V-
Congratulations on the much deserved Award for your work. I have to agree with the jurors, your entire body of work is so strong and cohesive. You have reached a level many artists dream of. Best wishes! -- Robin