Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Wildlife Art

"Can We Go Now?" 12 x 12 In Memory of Skeet

I was introduced to Skeet a couple years ago....Skeet's owners, Mike and Lisa Ann took him with them wherever they went. Skeet was with them in Easton, MD at the Waterfowl Festival . Easton in early November is dog heaven! The leaves are so brilliant, they hurt your eyes, and there are Labs and birds EVERYWHERE.
My son, then 12, admired Skeet so much that he set his heart to get a Lab and train it as well as Skeet was trained.....fetching, of course :)
I'll have more stories and paintings of Skeet (and my son's dog, too ) in the upcoming days . And this year's Waterfowl Festival is in 2 weeks! Come see me there!

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