Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Fallbrook Knob

"Fallbrook, Knob"_______6 x 8______$200
I know, I know..."KNOB" is a Texas word and this is a California subject, but I forgot the name of this location where we painted on Saturday morning. If any of my new friends in Fallbrook would PLEASE help me out, just click on "comment" and we can properly name this little mountain. The Fallbrook area of CA is surrounded and built on little mountains like this, all covered with avocado farms, tall cypress, eucalyptis and beautiful homes. (Someone help me spell "yoo-cuh-lip-tiss" please....is it eucalyptus??
It's good to be back home on our farm...ready to finish up our "Last Year..." ...watch for new works as spring is turning to summer ;)
Upcoming events......

May 12. "Sunrise Saturday Workshop" , Rockport, TX

May 19 "Art Splash" Graham, TX

May 26-28 Phippen Museum Western Art Show, Prescott, AZ


Diana Moses Botkin said...

Lovely painting! And yes, I believe you spelled eucalyptus correctly!

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

That's a great painting.