Saturday, May 19, 2007

Remember Sandy

Remember Sandy 8x6 oil V....Vaughan
Sweet Sandy Died Yesterday


buzzsbarber said...

awwww, your Sandy reminds me of my Sandy in the face. She was such a sweet happy, durable doggy. I remember her joy at running the fields chasing the birds. Your rendition of your Sandy captures her happiness well. We are blessed to be able to paint a moment in time.

Your "Serenade" to me is one of your signiture pieces. It looks like you made it with very little effort but the richness shows the mastery of what you're doing. It might be my favorite so far. God keep blessing your work!

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your dog. I know they're like your children and it breaks your heart when you lose one. Our Annie made it to 16 years but it was was a tough time. Take care. Barb

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Oh Virginia. :(
There's no love like dog love and I'm so sorry about Sweet Sandy.
My sincere sympathy.

TK Temple said...

I am SO sorry! I lost mine 3 weeks ago yesterday. But her last hours were full of love. I can only say grieve all you need to for your loss, or it will take longer to heal. I believe we will meet these angels on earth who are such a tremendous gift to us again when it is our turn to move on. It takes time, but there will come a day when the pain is less and the warm happy memories predominate. And I'm not so sure they don't still continue on here for awhile. I've had to step over my dog's bed because I felt so strongly that there was a dog there, and I will swear I heard her whine to come in. I was going to paint her from life, now it will have to be from love and photos.
I can see that you painted Sandy from a place of great love. That bond in your heart can't ever be broken.
All best wishes,