Friday, August 24, 2007

Egret Trailers

"Egret Trailers" Last Year on the Farm......available for dibs
This is one of my favorite "Egret" paintings...I am never sure if the egrets are following the cattle or each other...It always seems that the cows are less restless when the birds are along. I wonder if they relax, knowing that the birds will alert them if they need to look up...

MARK YOUR CALENDARS! OCTOBER 15 - 30 is the official unveiling for "Last Year on the Farm". 365 paintings. A tribute to a special place and the passing of time. I hope you can come to see this body of work on display in the location where it was created. Let me know if you would like more info...for now, I am taking "first dibs" from anyone interested in these little studies. If you see one you like you can be first in line to buy it when they come available soon...just let me know! My kids get first pick :)


Don Gray said...

Congratulations on a rich and evocative series of paintings. Love the egrets with the cattle.

jeanneillenye said...

This is not only charming in subject, but your palette is esquisite! Being a realist still life painter, I typically am not attracted to landscapes, but yours caught my attention as your earthy, warm greens recall a period when I dove into abstract expressionism using the same luscious palette myself. Absolutely beautiful!!! Good luck on your upcoming show!! Jeanne