Monday, February 01, 2010

Charleston Eve

Charleston Eve_state 1___24 x 24 oil on linen with a REALLY COOL frame___shipped to Charleston for SEWE
The Southeastern Wildlife Exposition (SEWE) is Feb 11-14 in Charleston, SC. This painting is one of my special ones for the show. I am mad at myself for shipping it off (just now!) before taking a picture of it FINISHED, and before taking a picture with the frame. I am so excited about the frame, I can't stand it!....but will have to leave you in suspense about that, unless you can come see me in Charleston!...I shipped 40 new works to the show...230 pounds of art in two big boxes...My prayer is always that I have to ship back EMPTY BOXES ;)...I will post a few more paintings from the show...stay tuned!

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Linda said...

This is beautiful. Wish I could be in Charleston and see your show!