Tuesday, February 09, 2010

North Star__night, mountains, porch lights

North Star___12x12 oil on linen__available at "Nocturnes", opening Feb 13 at Act I Gallery, Taos NM
Imagine a whole show of night paintings! That's what's going on for the next month at Act I Gallery in Taos, NM. I have a number of night time works at the gallery. It's one of my favorite things to paint. I did the study for this one in the mountains near Taos last Fall, and I used the study as my reference for this larger (but still small) painting. I wish I could go to Taos for the opening, but I am now on the way to Charleston, SC for the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition. I will paint at the Wildlife Refuge afterwards, but my posts might be sporadic for a few days. Last year I lost part of my turp tank in an alligator pond, and the year before I painted an alligator "en plein air"... Click the links to see those works (and the stupid stories!) It's a fantastic place to paint, so stay tuned!


Linda said...

Lovely painting!! And the paintings of the alligator pond and the alligator are beautiful, too. The accompanying stories are a hoot! Brave soul to try and scoop out your turp can! Have a good time in Charleston!

Alanda said...

What talent. =)