Friday, February 20, 2009

Late in the Low Country

"Late in the Low Country"____8x10____$150 if you are the first to ask!
Imagine a beautiful low country wetland in South Carolina. Here is a typical scene where I have been painting this week! Now, imagine standing on a narrow causeway, with this blackwater ahead and water behind, and alligator slides up and down the causeway. I was painting there when the wind came up and tipped my easel set-up, knocking my turp tank off. It rolled down one of the big slides and into the black water, with my friend, artist Melanie Fain close behind. She saw where it went in, so I stuck my arm into that water to get part of it out. I came halfway to my senses and switched to my non-painting LEFT arm, sinking it as deep as I could into the water, feeling for the inner part of the turp can. No luck, but I got a good case of the "creeps" and the rest of my senses came back. Another artist friend, Joe Garcia swooshed the water around for awhile, but he couldn't find it, either. ...I am sad because this was my first turp can, and I get attached to such things!....
Glad to be home with both arms, though!!!
Below is a good bit of info about a BIG WORKSHOP I'll have in April. See if you'd like to come.
This one will be COMPREHENSIVE....full of goodies....hope you will consider it!
V....Vaughan at the Iron Horse Inn, Granbury, TX. April 6-9 (4 days), 2009
This span of days will give us SPECTACULAR sunrises, sunsets and moonrises. We WILL work at the extreme ends of the day for some sessions. This will be a COMPLETE painting workshop, and will include many exercises to give you NOTICEABLE improvement in your drawing, color mixing, brushwork and speed.

The site itself is FULL of variety for painting from life. If you have never painted en plein air this will be a great place to start. If you are experienced, I'd love to get my "hands on" you to help take you to the next level. You WILL leave there a better painter.

Here is info Theresa sent me about the Iron Horse Inn, itself...

The Iron Horse Inn is a beautiful historic mansion , with much of its original furniture and antiques. It has a fascinating history, and all of our guests are given the historic tour. The house is over 6,500 sq. ft and all of the unique bedrooms have private bathrooms. Guests have full usegbof the 2 living rooms, dining room and large front porch.
The house is set on over an acre of gardens with 400 year old live oaks and a fish pond and waterfall. at night all of the trees are lit with mercury vapor lights which look like dappled moonlight!

Breakfasts and lunches are served in the large dining room on the historic 1885 mission oak dining table. The Iron Horse is known for its delicious breakfasts!

The studio is a brand new, 2 story building in the garden with bright and airy space, and is available 24 hours for all workshop participants who just don't want to stop painting.

We are right beside the hike and bike track with over 2 miles of lovely walks to explore. The trail takes you to the historic center of Granbury which is a quaint town with its original storefronts and court house. There are many lovely gift shops, antique shops, restaurants and galleries and there is even live theater on the weekends. Granbury is also situated on a large lake and there are many pret ty parts of the lake to explore, including a beach and a boardwalk.

Of course the main reason folks will want to come is to have the pleasure of doing a V...Vaughan workshop for 4 whole days! And the prices are pretty great too. For as little as $550 up to 5 participants can share our Garden Gate Cottage, have breakfast and lunch for 4 days, take 4 days tuition with V..Vaughan and have 24 hour access to the purpose built studio. This is one of the most reasonable artistic retreats around.

I hope that this may wet some appetites! It will be a really lovely experience for everyone.

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Art with Liz said...

The more I see of your work, the more I would love to take one of your classes.