Monday, February 23, 2009

Touch of Spring

"Touch of Spring_Calvert Sunrise"__8x10___$150 if you as first!
Saturday's sunrise was spent in Calvert, TX, where I just taught my second wokshop there.
This day had everything: A fairly warm morning, with little buds on the trees showing a touch of spring...then a hard rainstorm, just as we went inside, a driving wind as a cold front passed and a bright, cold sunset....the lesson of this sunrise demo was about painting BRIGHT light with a limited palette (only ultramarine, alizarin, cad yellow and a little cad white were used on this one....the secret?...START with the brightest, lightest light (rather than the darkest darks)...And be ready to learn from what you see! Remember the green grass lesson, y'all? Come to one of my workshops if you can...or send your favorite artist! We have a lot of fun!...see schedule below:
Mar. 7 ...Rockport, TX (1 day)
April 6 - 9 ...Granbury, TX (4 day - comprehensive, in-depth workshop in an elegant place, !!!)
Apr. 18... Rockport, TX (1 day)
April 27 - 30... Gadsden, ALABAMA
May 30 ...Waxahachie, TX (1 day)
June 5-7... Fredericksburg, TX (Painting Fast - every day, and what to do with all those paintings!)
Fall New Orleans (with EATING in our off hours


Patrice said...

Oh how lovely... Fabulous colors.

pleintexasgirl said...

Oh yes, the GREEN grass (do not do this...)! I had great fun V, even if I did roll into you in the parking lot. Sorry about that. I have a great spot I found to paint sunrises at—will have to try it when I am not in the car on the way to work watching the sun rise while in traffic. I have a whole box of cloud photos I want to paint. Hey—next year, how about a cloud workshop? I posted some photos from our weekend. I will try to see you and Barb in Rockport! Take care, Kerrie