Sunday, February 01, 2009

Workshop Lesson_Guadalupe Mountains

Workshop Lesson_Guadalupe Mountains___8x10___$190 (click image to see the juicy details)
Hi Teachers! Here is what it looked like at the end of the lesson. A few of the teacher/students had to leave early to get , and I told y'all I would post it today.
The lesson was about the value of color (a double meaning) and we pre-mixed all the colors of the big shapes in this composition.
Please think about coming to a workshop this year. I have one-day, 3 day and 4 day workshops, and cram all I know into the lessons. We have way too much fun, and I PROMISE you will leave a better painter. See my WORKSHOP SCHEDULE for details and contact info. A summary of dates and places is below:
Feb, 7... Rockport, TX (1 day, Drawing to Paint)
Feb. 21 ...Calvert, TX (1 day, Sunrise, Moonrise)
Mar. 7 ...Rockport, TX (1 day)
April 6 - 9 ...Granbury, TX (4 day - comprehensive, in-depth workshop in an elegant place, !!!)
Apr. 18... Rockport, TX (1 day)
April 27 - 30... Gadsden, ALABAMA (4 day - comprehensive)
May 30 ...DeSoto Art League, TX (1 day)
June 5-7... Fredericksburg, TX (Painting Fast - every day, and what to do with all those paintings!)
Fall New Orleans (with EATING in our off hours)


Diana Moses Botkin said...

It does look like fun and I love these colors!

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