Tuesday, November 09, 2010

La Bahia Thermals

La Bahia Thermals___small oil on linen panel, framed for the Whistle Pik Miniatures Show___December

Whistle Pik Galleries in Fredericksburg, TX was one of the first galleries in the country to feature "miniatures" in a big art sale. I posted the one below a few weeks ago, and above is the second one in my small group of four miniatures on display. La Bahia is the subject. Below is the bell at the presidio, and above is the tower with the usual buzzards circling overhead, riding the thermals above the San Antonio River. My paintings are all framed similarly, with the canvas being mounted on a backing that is framed. I like the look! You'll have to go to the show to see them all together, but I will post them individually over the next couple of days.
Whistle Pik's Christmas Miniatures Show is about 10 years old now and a real treat for art lovers! First, just being in Fredericksburg during the holidays gets you in the Christmas spirit! Seeing HUNDREDS of small works by the best artists in the country is fun, too, and a good place to start or add to your art collection without spending a whole lot of money!

Tonito Dulce____for the Whistle Pik Galleries Christmas Miniatures Show___December

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