Monday, November 15, 2010

Our Lady at La Bahia

Our Lady of Loreto__at La Bahia___see framed version below...for Whistle Pik Miniatures Show
This is the final miniature for my grouping of paintings for the Whistle Pik Miniatures Show, opening next week in Fredericksburg, TX. The canvas I used is a small piece of linen and it is hand cut and a little bit "rustic" looking...goes well with the frame :)
There is a niche in the front of the chapel at La Bahia (you can see it indicated in the painting I posted a few days here to see it below the cross on the is a detail and some info from the La Bahia web site....

Located in the niche above the chapel entrance is the statue of Our Lady of Loreto sculpted by Lincoln Borglum, of Mt. Rushmore fame. This centuries-old chapel was where Fannin's men were held during part of their captivity before being massacred. The First Declaration of Texas Independence was signed inside the chapel

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