Wednesday, December 08, 2010

La Bahia Courtyard

La Bahia Courtyard ___study__8x10___click blog image to see details
This was done on location a few weeks ago while I was there painting with art buddies B and C and S....we painted til the moon came up that day! I am using these studies to make bigger works and really enjoying the "immersion" in this landmark.
Funny story for you artists: FOLLOW UP on every e-mail, even if you THINK it is a scam! I recently sold some works to a collector in UK, even though I tried hard to brush them off. They jumped through all my "pretend-hoops" and eventually paid in British Pounds (which Paypal converts to dollars for a check people out carefully, just make up stories so they have to respond! I do this every time, and if it's a scam, at least I have fun yanking their chain!....ALSO, I had TWO collectors with almost the EXACT SAME NAME contact me this week! Check carefully before offering to deliver the painting in person! One lived nearby and the other one on a far away ISLAND! It took me a while to realize they were two different collectors! ....
BUT, you probably are safe to toss an email that says "Plis reply me soonest".
Note to collectors: you have my permission to call my bluff when I ask you to jump through hoops before purchasing. Just say "knock it off, lady, I really want the art" and I will behave :) ....Merry CHRISTmas!


helen said...

I knew a song about Bahia this image!

Kim VanDerHoek said...

Too funny! I've had a few similar experiences with collectors - you just never know.

Beautiful painting!