Friday, May 13, 2011


Flyover__Decatur, TX___8x10 oi on linen___for Passing America: The Great Plains exhibit

**YOU ARE INVITED!...FRIDAY, May 13 (TONIGHT!) I will give a gallery talk in Smithville, TX at a reception for the opening of an exhibit. Thirty of my Farm paintings are there, for a month-long exhibit we call "Missing the Farm". Come, if you can! Stay till Saturday for a special one-day workshop. E-mail me for info

You have to look hard to see the "flyover" in this "drive-by" painting. THe last of the birds flying north from Texas last month. I was not sure what these were, but we saw pelicans when we stopped for gas. The pelicans were not in "formation" when I saw them, so these might be geese???

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