Saturday, May 07, 2011

Tracks out of Enid_

Out of Enid__24 x 30 oil on linen...available for Passing AMerica: The Great Plains
Here is another LARGE one, worked up from a study that I posted a few days ago. Click here to read about the "drive-by" study, and see the image below.
I started the larger version as a demo in Frederikcsburg, TX Thursday for Der Kuenstler Artists. Der Kuenstler is a large group that I have done a demo for before. Many of them follow my blog, so I told them that i would post the FINAL finished it is, above, . The middle version is where we left off after the 1-1/2 hour demo...the version at bottom is the study (a drive-by painting)
As I compare these, I still see a few little "oil changes" to make, but nothing significant. I really like the character of the study, but need to remember that the bigger one is a NEW work and cannot be a perfect replica.I will Photograph it again and exchange that image on this post as soon as I can, so check back in a week or so if you want to see the "final final"...

Out of Enid_24x30 demo "start" for Der Kuenstler...working from the one below

Out of Enid___8x10 "drive-by" study on linen....sold to BK

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Dee Day said...

The low horizon line and dramatic sky have always been favorites. I am still amazed how you can look at all those details in an industrial area and lay down those shapes and color spots so well. It must have something to do with miles and miles put on that brush!