Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Famous Otto

Amy and Otto___10 x 8 commission____SOLD
A few years ago, I painted this dog, Otto, with his owner. (see first painting below)
Over the Holidays, this owner, Kathy, contacted me to see if I could do another painting of her little sister, who is now bonded with Otto. Amy has Down Syndrome, and is full of life and love for Otto! Apparently Amy and Otto have a sweet and special relationship, and Kathy wanted to honor Amy with a similar painting...
There is nothing like the love of a big sister (ask ME!...I have SIX older siblings!!!)
...and there is really nothing like the friendship of a special dog!...now is a good time to send this link to all dog lovers ...watch it in a quiet, thoughtful place, and allow yourself to THINK about the words...

Otto and Kathy____10 x 8___sold


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Wonderfull! Amazing! i love your work....!