Friday, April 05, 2013

39 Arizona Roadrunner

 Roadrunner__ in Arizona__10x10 watercolor pencil__$250 unframed
#39 in my Birdseed Project
YESTERDAY'S POST was put up hastily, because I needed to post before midnight and it was 11:58!
So I didn't identify the bird: a beautiful golden orange and black bird that I saw in Arizona. THE FIRST ONE to respond to my call for "help" was the greatest bird artist I know,
 Adele Earnshaw. She is an active blogger and frequently paints birds...GO SEE!!!!...Adele is a real pal and lives in New Zealand, after many years in Arizona. New Zealand is her homeland and she achieved her dream to move there for good! (well, for HER OWN GOOD....I say it's BAD for the rest of us!!) In March 2015 I will teach a workshop in New Zealand, and Adele will be our host....CAN'T WAIT!
Tomorrow I will share my heart about a few recent struggles I have had, and why I have been a spotty many of you care and ask....I just want to get my thoughts together before "sharing"  :)

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