Sunday, April 07, 2013

Ann's Bluebonnets

Ann's Bluebonnets__12 x 36  oil on linen__sold
I delivered this one to an old friend Friday night. Ann lives in Panama but was in town visiting family, so we had this date planned for months for her to pick up this painting...and the REAL bluebonnets are everywhere!...
The proportion made it difficult to photograph...
For the past few months I have been a spotty blogger. I hope you have enjoyed the break!
Frankly, these have been tough months, in many ways. The main thing is loss...the loss of my mom's health, mainly. I am really enjoying a lot of time with her these days, because I know I will not have her much longer....And also the loss of a few dear friends...different situations, but feeling their loss in deep ways.
If you live long enough these times happen, I know. So many of you have shared personal stories with me as we correspond.
So as Spring is here with NEW LIFE all around, PLEASE KNOW that I thank God for you...really!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful painting, I just love it! I can't wait for the blue bonnets to pop up! a couple more weeks and they should be on their way!

I'm also sorry to hear about the troubles you've been facing. yes, if you do live long enough, these things naturally happen.

I resigned my job 14 months ago to help my dad with his end of life journey and battle with pancreatic cancer. I'm still out of work. But it was priceless to be able to be there helping him and my family through this tough time.

God, I hope, appreciates and honors those who show such compassion to loved ones who are facing their life ending moments.

God bless and keep up the beautiful paintings!

Anonymous said...

Exquisite. You are an amazing artist.