Monday, May 20, 2013

46 - Scissor Tail Flycatcher

 Scissor Tail Flycatcher
#46 in the Birdseed Project
Every late spring, the scissor tail flycatchers return to Texas for the summertime. Seeing them brings back memories of childhood. It was my mom who introduced me to the scissor tail. We also had them at our farm. They particularly liked to perch on the barb wire, like the one I painted, here.
This is the state bird for Oklahoma. We are grieving with them over the tornado tragedy that happened just today...
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A handsome little visitor who enjoys the birds at my mom's nursing home. The birds provide interest and distraction for visitors to the home. The residents enjoy them every day, but I see their family members escaping to the windows for a few minutes to watch little bird life outside. Please consider making a contribution to the Birdseed Project. Your tax deductible gift provides feeders and seed, and maybe a NEW BIRDSEED PROJECT to a home near you!. Click to donate to
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