Monday, May 13, 2013

Platt Turkey Crossing

Platte Turkey Crossing___a study for ranch commission
Last year I painted out several times along the great Platte River in Nebraska. The study above was from last summer...a cool morning with a blazing sunrise!
 While standing on the bank looking into the sun, a gang of turkeys on my side of the river decided to cross right there in front of me. this is a small work painted with a big brush, so the turkeys are way too big for the size of this river. I can't wait to re-create this in the proper scale.
This study and a number of pictures I took will help me create a larger painting that I hope will convey the magnificence of this place.
I find that, as I work on my Birdseed Project, I put birds in all my paintings. Call this my "bird phase".

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