Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Dogs at Joel's

Harley and Shadow___Sketched at the Chocolate event tonight
These are a couple of "family members" of my old friend Lynda, who showed up at "Chocolate and Chiaroscuro" this evening.
Many friends were there...that's THE BEST PART of hosting such an event!
I appreciate all the RSVP's and will do it again soon, hoping that those of you that wanted to come can come to the next one! Stay tuned!
I'll bet that Robin will post some pics from her side of our "studio" at Joel's! Go see!

NOW thru Nov. 24 -  AWA Show, RS Hanna Gallery, Fredericksburg, TX
Wednesday, November 20 - YOU MISSED IT??
 Chocolate & Chiaroscuro....and Holiday CHEER
4 to 8 pm at Joel's
an open studio event featuring V....Vaughan and Robin Cheers...and CHOCOLATE
at Joel's Coffee House, Austin and it was so fun!!

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