Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Hard Way

The Hard Way_____24x24 oil___ Phippen Museum Western Art Show
The Hard Way needs to be seen up close! Zoom in and you can see some texture there! I'll have this painting at the Phippen Museum Western Art Show in Prescott, AZ over Memorial Day Weekend. PLEASE com e see me! Below is a funny story while I painted it.
YESTERDAY and below
I posted info about a special workshop coming up in June. CLICK HERE to see that.
I had just finished the detail on the horse's eye, and went to get a drink, but when I came back to the easel, there were smudgies all over the area I had worked! Sometimes my little finger steadies my hand while I paint, and I "step" into the painted area with it, but these smudges were too high....I was mad! Someone came in and slapped around my wet paint!!
see culprit below

 ...dang moth

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Alanda said...

The man in the horse is striking. I miss you! Keep up the good works...