Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Hay Demo

"Hay Demo"
We had a little workshop this past weekend at the Art Center of Williamson County. When I live in Round Rock soon, I will enjoy hanging out here with Michael, Denise and the gang. GREAT ART TEACHERS, there!
I did this demo on Saturday, showing the artists in class one way to "see" and block in a landscape from one of my farm photos....Today, the farm looks JUST LIKE THIS, with hay being rolled up and other fields being cut! Will paint some more hay today!


C. Ousley said...

When I read "Williamsom County" and saw the hay bales I thought you had a class here in Tennessee. Williamson is the county next to me. Click on the Jason Saunders link on my blog and check out his work. He is one one the top landscape painters around. He has painted a few hay bales and lives in Williamson County.

Shant said...

I love your paintings and cartoons!
Shanti Marie

Sue said...

I have a "thing" for haybales, too. I have done several myself and just love them. I love yours for the "free" feeling they have, very soft and airy. Great job.