Thursday, July 05, 2007

Rainy 4th

"Last Year on the Farm 07-04-2007"
Usually we sit on the trampoline (above the fire ants and having a view of the neighborhoods and distant Pflugerville) to watch fireworks. My husband hates them because of the fire hazard, so the kids and I used to wait till he went to bed...I would arm them with sparklers and water pistols :)
We are always vigilant to catch people shooting them over our fields (or IN the fields) because fire is such a scary thing when you live in a hay field. One year we had a big fire from someone who wanted to shoot fireworks "out in the country".
THIS YEAR there was no looked like this all day and night...
"Last Year on the Farm" paintings will be offered for sale in a few months, when our last year is up. Please ask me if you want a copy of the story. If you see one you like, PLEASE CONTACT V....Vaughan to have a first dibs shot at it. A list is kids get first pick! ;)


m collier said...

Beautiful !!

Robin Weiss said...

These last two beautiful , mysterious, subtle perfectly captured rain showers.