Friday, July 27, 2007

July Fog...Last Year on the Farm

Last Year on the Farm 07-21-2007 Accepting First Dibs

My computer problems are more severe than expected, so the timing for these notes will be irregular for a time…sigh….I have learned to NOT delete things in the computer which have names you never heard of….sometimes there are IMPORTANT things there that make other things work…

Sunday morning was foggy. Very unusual for July. I painted THREE little ones before church, when the sun finally brought light and color to the farmscape.

Did I tell you we have a new house in Round Rock?…not TOO far from here.

Our last day on the farm will be the 31 of October, and for the whole month of October, this farm house will be my “gallery” for the “Last Year on the Farm” paintings….365 total

I hope you will make plans to come view them all some time that month…I will send a more “formal” invitation pretty soon.

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