Thursday, October 18, 2007

Light Peeking

"Last Year on the Farm 10-11-2007"

A Couple days ago, this warm light greeted me at the farm. Each farm sunrise is so precious to me now...I can count the ones I have left...just a few until I will be living full-time at home in Round Rock, and the farm life will be behind me...

I do not mind telling y'all now, that one of my goals for all these little paintings is to share them with as many people as want them, and draw attention to small-time farming as a GREAT, honorable way of life.

It is HARD work, y'all. Not glamorous at all, for the real farmer, but just LOOK at the reward!

Beauty...God's new views EVERY moment, day, two alike, EVER! I hope more people will determine to live this way, owning fewer "things" that break, but instead partnering with God in His purpose for be FRUITFUL and IMPROVE the places around us...taking care of things. I hope the sale of these small little original paintings will help me with a new life dream ... to be able to live on a farm again...or next door to one :)

All the works are AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE NOW>>>no more dibs, but I will tell you when one was chosen by my please join me at the farm Saturday to view them all...

Tomorrow I will let you know the price. There will be a SPECIAL price for YOU, my friends, and it will last through the end of my time on the farm...on Nov. 1, the price will have to increase, because I will share the sale with the galleries and museums who have come alongside to show and promote these works. The only "catch" is that you'll have to wait a few months while your art travels to the exhibits...details about that tomorrow.

If anyone has info about farm organizations that help people STAY on their farms, I would LOVE to know about it. Soon, I will publish a book or two featuring these 365 paintings, and maybe I can do something to help small farmers.

Please reply with a comment below, or e-mail me directly:

The WEB SITE has directions from anywhere near Austin.


Robin Cheers said...

Beautifully written. I have just come back from traveling through rural Indiana and can see that the small-time farmer is becoming increasingly rare. It is such a vital and honorable piece of our American history and landscape, I hope that farmers and ranchers everywhere will be able to reclaim their importance and earn good livings doing what they love and what they are called to do. We all need them to survive and flourish.

I cannot wait to see your paintings hung all together. It will be such an impressive collection of work. Awe inspiring I have no doubt.

Rhonda Hurwitz said...

what beautiful images you have created. I do enjoy them.