Wednesday, October 10, 2007


"Last Year on the Farm 10-14-2007 " Line of the Front....available
Well, Here it is! The day before I begin to let all these paintings go for my "Last Year on the Farm". ...I painted this one on my wedding anniversary a few days symbolic! It is a line of a cold front coming over us...cooled to 85 that day :)
The reception is tomorrow, but if you are in the area ANY TIME until October 28, PLEASE CALL and plan to come see the show of 365 paintings...I am still adding paintings every day. and plan to end it all with 24 paintings in 24 hours of our "Last Fall Day" here. I need to be symbolic about this and this will help :)
NEW IMAGES were put on the web site yesterday...ALL ARE AVAILABLE NOW!
I have pricing and details to send to all who are interested.
The gathering of 365 paintings will go on "tour" for a year...three museum shows are lined up and I am deciding about a couple others. If you buy one, "Your" art will hang in a museum for a few months! Please e-mail me if you need more info (don't hit reply!)

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