Saturday, January 08, 2011

Boatyard-State 1

Boatyard-State 1____20x60 oil on linen_____wondering where to put the birds?
Well, it's way too soon to post this one, but I NEEDED to post SOMETHING today to have an excuse to apologize for the "sideways" painting I posted yesterday. It was a Blogger glitch and I simply could NOT get the picture to go in there right....I had hoped no one would notice. Those of you who get my art in an e-mail were MOSTLY polite about it! There were a few "sassy" comments, which I deserve, and my evil nature will remember and reciprocate asap! haha
This painting is a work similar to the Harbor painting posted a few days ago. I wanted to see the focus on the boats...These are the basic colors, laid down to get me started...I have a LOT MORE to do and likely will not finish it till I get back from the North Plains (see yesterday's post)...But I do have an "audience participation" question, especially for you artists here: Where would YOU put the (necessary) birds? I have my plan, but would love to hear or see YOURS!


Chris said...

well, since the boats are out of water, I would put them further away...unless you are painting herons who love to use boats on lifts as their own personal toliets. I'm sure whatever you do will be the right thing. Can't wait to see your paintings from the road.

Joanne Hanson said...

I love both of these boat paintings V..., but for something different, how about a couple of small shore birds to the left of the boats? Adele would know where to put them and I should probably keep my mouth shut!

René PleinAir. said...

Think I would go for some human touch, ... working on the boats.

There are some areas that are just begging for them.

Best wishes Virginia.

Terry Miller said...

Well, I would put something in the foreground to the lower right, in that shadowy area to balance the stark light on the left most boat. I think maybe three egrets just strutting around? Alternately, I would think some flying in the distance coming into the work from left to right, very softly indicated way off? IMHO.

Susan Roux said...

If they're catching the light, in the darkness. This is already so powerful! I love what you're doing with this series. Your work is amazing. It holds up fine without any birds. I can't wait to see what you do to this. I love that there are a few others who push themselves on canvas and aren't occupied by just turning them out daily. You go girl!

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

maybe a bird or two but it looks finished to me. Very powerful. I love it.