Monday, January 31, 2011

Cattle Paths

Cattle Paths- Williston, North Dakota___6x8 oil on linen panel__for Passing America exhibit Oct 7-Dec11

Williston is fairly close to the Montana border, so by this time, I had been painting and sketching many hours on my Amtrak trip Passing America: The Great Plains. I think this was the sun's highest point in the sky all day! My Montana friend, Sarah, said in the winter, the sun feels like it is at eye level all the time....though it shone brightly, it was very cold outside, and we all wondered how those cows make it through the winter! My last winter on the farm was such a bitter cold one, and our southern cows suffered a great deal.
In response to D....who recently asked me if I ever paint from photos. Below are a few photos from the train...Bad Photo 2 was adjusted with photoshop, and STILL is lacking! I just could NOT paint from these!!! Photography is a whole 'nother gift which I do not possess! For a painter, there is NO SUBSTITUTE for training your eye outside...or on location.
Now, NO SASSY comments about my photography, please....I am a sensitive artist!!! ;)

Bad Photo 1

Bad Photo 2

Bad Photo 3

Bad Photo 4


Douglas Clark said...

Your photos are very, very painterly! Haha
I love how your paintings have just enough information in them.

julie davis said...

Oh, I think these photos definitely convey something, Virginia,...speed, perhaps! I love this painting--placing the focal point in the enter and making it sing is very difficult, I think. This is a fun composition!

Tess Traylor Walls said...

I love, love, love this one. It is so beautiful. Hope you post it in fb so I can share it.

Miss you this morning!

Rita said...

OK am I missing something? So you painted this awesomely beautiful snowy landscape with cows at what looks to be late afternoon, all from a MOVING TRAIN??
(sigh) How do you DO that?

(and BTW, I'll want the book!!)