Friday, January 28, 2011

Sunrise West of Rugby

Sunrise West of Rugby, ND___6x8 oil on linen___for Passing America...Exhibit opens Oct. 7

Rugby, North Dakota was a landmark for a few of us on the train (Amtrak Empire Builder). When anyone wondered where we were that morning, we all said things like "30 minutes from Rugby" or we passed Rugby a while ago" was an easy name to remember. Later in the day, when we were FAR from Rugby, we STILL referenced it, because it was fun to say! ...As I mentioned yesterday, the sunrise seemed to last a while this far north, so I enjoyed painting several small works back to back to back!.
***a friend, Dot Courson suggested that I am not a plein air painter, but this would be "train air"...I corrected the spelling to "trein air"...
I will be teaching this technique of capturing impressions quickly in Rockport, TX next Friday-Saturday. JOIN ME! below

***WORKSHOP in Rockport! ***
Here are the basics, but email me if you want more info...this is an intensive one-day study workshop to equip you to move forward...(plus optional Saturday am paintout)
Sketching and Pushing Color from Dawn til Dark
FRIDAY, Feb 4 (with an optional Saturday morning paint-out)
7am at Cove Harbour til about noon, and 4:30 – 7 pm
also, Sat 7am at Charlotte Plummers
Seeing and sketching fast…with pencils, sketchbooks, brush on panels,
$100 for members, $125 for non


Douglas Clark said...

Glad you brought all your colors and not just white. Wish I could join you at Rockport I had a great time there painting after Christmas. There is so much to paint. I'll be looking forward to seeing your paintings from there. Are you ready for shorts weather and sunshine?

Liza Hirst said...

I really love your "Passing America" pictures! This sky is fantastic - I wish I could capture a sunset (or sunrise?) in such an abstract manner.

Liza Hirst said...

Sorry, I just noticed that the title says "sunrise" - I had tomatoes on my eyes....

Victor Errington said...

Beautiful Painting V, I love it. Well done and all the best.

Joanne Hanson said...

Hi V! I love your sunrises/sunsets about the best of any I have always get just the right colors.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

WHOA!! Slam Bangin'
Great variety of believable color!!
just beautiful!