Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Moonset Elevators in Kansas

Moonset Elevators in Kansas__8x6 oil ___for Passing America:The Great Plains
I just now compared this one with the painting I posted yesterday...Both are "drive-by" paintings, prepared for my upcoming exhibit. Both were painted along the same stretch of highway, about 30 minutes apart. The time difference is evident by the color in the sky! As the sun got higher (at my back), the full moon dissolved into the clear sky...The morning moonset is one of my favorite subjects, and is a focus of my upcoming workshop ...I hope you will come paint with me in November...get some sleep first! We will paint the "extremes" of the daylight :) Email Bill for info: bill@fbgartschool.com

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A Painter's Journal said...

I particularly love the sky in this one. The subtle color shifts and that lovely warm glow are brilliant. And I like the gold field in the fore. Love this painting.