Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Plain Cold

Plain Cold___6x8 oil on linen panel for Passing America: The Great Plains
It will be a few months before the plains look like this again....Of course I painted this on a winter drive headed west across the Great Plains. I LOVE ANY drive in this direction, because there is a DEFINITE BOUNDARY of the plain, as it STOPS at the front range of the Rocky Mountains. Often the line is severe an you can see the mountains coming from MANY miles away, like this scene in southern Colorado....My Central Texas is looking forward to another week of record breaking heat: 107 and 108 are predicted for the next few days...can you imagine?...just a few years ago, when I painted my Last Year on the Farm, I waited all summer to paint the farm on a day over 1oo degrees, but we went the whole year never getting to 100! I was disappointed!


Dee Day said...

I can feel the cold in this painting and I thank you very much for that! It is still triple digits in Texas and I am
anxiously awaiting the first cold front. Good job!

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ooo.. such heat wil be really tormenting.. do take necessary precautions dear,, and drink plenty of fluids. Hope everything gets better. Best Wishes!