Saturday, September 03, 2011

Channing Rain

Channing Rain___6x8 oil on linen panel__for Passing America: The Great Plains
Yesterday's post was painted in the same vicinity as this one....Both were painted on a trip I took along the entire Texas Plains Trail, one spring. This trip ws about 800 miles over 3 days and each day we would learn that tornados visited the place we visited the day seemed as if the twisters were following us! AH, SPRINGTIME on the Great Plains!!! I remember painting this one with lots of "agitated" brushstrokes. I find that if I feel anxious, my brushwork looks that way...tornados make me anxious :)
***PLEASE follow my blog closely for the next month if you can....I have a LOT to say about upcoming events, and will be giving a lot of info about my "almost completed" plains project. I try hard to NOT say too much at a time...hate to be tedious! But I am a teacher at heart. Everything in life is a "lesson" and I like to share it...I think the lessons I have been given in the course of this 3 year project are very meaningful, and the meaning to ME might differ from the meaning to the viewer....that is the great beauty of communicating with ART!...stay tuned!

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