Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Winter Rest

Winter Rest__6x8 oil on linen__for Passing America: The Great Plains _$490 framed
On a plains "drive-by" last winter, I painted this as we drove on a ridge in Oklahoma. As you read this, I am probably in the same area of the country, driving home from delivering about 130 other paintings for the exhibit in Nebraska's Great Plains Art Museum.
I really enjoyed my trip this weekend. First, my daughter drove from Texas to Nebraska with me. She got to meet my museum friends in Lincoln and David City, and we enjoyed the usual mother-daughter chit chat for hundreds of miles along the way! A few people commented, recently that they never knew I have a daughter, because I seldom have mentioned her. SHAME ON ME! But, I figured it's because she has been out on her own since I started blogging, and I have not been "responsible" for her athletics, activities and schooling for a few years, now!...Her name is Davie, and I had to fly her home so she could get back to work in Austin...

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Anonymous said...

There will be no rest for Remy as in "Winter Rest" because they just got the logs - Nevada to Oklahoma.
And it all has to do with GREAT BRITAIN!
So, looks like there's no more rest for the QUEEN!!!
It may have something to do with COLLYCO?
But most likely it has to " do" with Hydra.
That was a YACHTING SPECIAL for all the KNEECOCKS?
( rooms)
Disney and Politicians- Washington, ,are just " dying" to
talk about it!
And by now , probably Ali MacGraw, too!
:). :). :)