Thursday, September 01, 2011

Left in Kansas

Left in Kansas__8x6 oil on linen panel__for Passing America: The Great Plains
When we drove home from Kansas last Sunday, we left our son there again....couldn't persuade him to quit school and come home to mom....That's a good thing!!! We also left this beautiful END of the moon phase for August. I noticed at sunset last night, the sliver crescent of September's new moon.
This is one of the last ones I will paint for my upcoming exhibit at the University f Nebraska's Great Plains Art Museum. The exhibit opens on October 7, 2011 and runs through December 11. But in a few hours I will pack the truck to drive the works to Nebraska. They need it a month early, in order to check it all in and get the exhibit literature is an exciting process. Tonight I have had enough of that kind of excitement, though...It is past 1 am and my good friend, Priti just left my studio after spending MUCH time typing in all my titles and information. WHAT A FRIEND!!! Hey Priti...I just counted, and there are 150 paintings, TOTAL....WOAH!!
I will cull out about 20, so the show will have about 130 or so...The strange part will be in the car on the way through the Plains tomorrow, I won't NEED to do any drive-by painting!


Caroline said...

The dawn light on the water is especially nice in your Plains painting. What a lot of paintings you have done of this area I have enjoyed viewing them on your blog. I think you may well be very tempted to paint another one when driving through the Plains to the museum. All the best with the exhibition, hard to think about Christmas when summer is only just leaving us.

Marie Theron said...

As they say: pretty as a postcard. Lovely to have the moon in the scene as well!