Monday, October 10, 2011

Gourmet Grass Fed

Gourmet Grass-Fed___6x8 study for the Bohaty's (sounds like "BO-hotty")
We painted at the Bohaty farm today....This is a study of their British White Cattle which they raise for their Gourmet Beef business. I will be ordering some of this delicious beef, grass fed, organic and raised with tender loving care by Walter, and Nancy Bohaty!
The Bohaty family are some of the most gracious people you could ever meet, and I have feasted with them several times now...including an impromptu picnic today on their lawn with all my workshop artists!!
The study above was to demonstrate how DARK shadows are on white things, and how much color is in white cows...I didn't mean to create a compsition, so it's not great, but the lessons are there...
Here is the beef website... is a WONDERFULLY NICE article in the Lincoln Star Journal newspaper, written by their art critic, Kent is well written, and the image is clickable! Please tell me what you think! And drop him a note if you like it!


Linda Popple said...

Beautiful white cows! Must have been fun to paint these gorgeous animals. Nice article, too.

Pam Holnback said...

These cows are great! Love all the values you caught in the whites.