Sunday, February 05, 2012

Sandhill Hop

Sandhill Hop__8x6 study in oil___$150unframed
It is WILDLIFE TIME! Next week I will be back out in Charleston, South Carolina for the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition. For the next week and a half, I will preview a few works. My small ones are available FIRST to my blog friends, so if you are interested, (birds, longhorns, fish and more!) let me know quick, before I pack and ship! ....AND...

One hundred works from my Passing America are on display in Gruene, Texas from now through April. ...the project took me across the country, painting for 3 years! If you can come on VALENTINE'S DAY, I will be there to say "hello". How about bringing a special person and celebrating...maybe have dinner and enjoy music at the famous Gristmill Restaurant ...Below is your invitation! I'd love to know if you are coming!

On Exhibit Through April, 2012

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