Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Chicken Pate'

Chicken Pate'__a sketch at the cooking school___with extra detail sketches
This chef made chicken pate' which we sampled afterwards...I liked drawing his hands :)
Wednesday, Sept 12 is the second meeting of my September drawing class. Last week we went in depth on PERSPECTIVE problems. As a high school art teacher for over 20 years, (I teach at Hyde Park High School, now...just a couple morning classes), I have  a BUNCH of drawing lessons that are easy to understand and take the mystery out of that scary blank page or canvas. My FAVORITE thing is when an artist "gets it" with an "ah ha"!!! Let me know if you want to join us for Chiaroscuro and Chocolate in September at Joel's Coffee Shop in Austin's Lakeline Mall area. You can just show up, but drop me an email! One of these sessions, Brad will actually work in his kitchen and we can sketch while he works.
ALSO, there is a FULL DAY workshop, in Salado, TX on Sat., Sept 15 Contact BelindaAND a THREE DAY detailed workshop, Oct. 28-30 at Fredericksburg Artist's School

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