Monday, September 17, 2012

Hillside Glow__12 x 12 oil___workshop  demo__sold
Saturday was a FULL day and a FULL workshop in Salado, TX with The Salado  Village Artists group. We packed in a lot of art as I shared my favorite themes and tips on oil painting. I really enjoy teaching my own concepts and watching how artists apply it to their natural strengths.
I think my FAVORITE part of teaching is SEEING the "fruit" of what someone HEARS me say. Sometimes I see it immediately, but often I see an artist years later and they show me their work that has evolved in a direction TOTALLY different from mine, but I still "see"  my influence. It might be the colors, or the brushwork, or a sensibility, but it's a thrill to have a part in someone else's creation!
I have recently viewed college portfolios of a couple former young students...And tonight I saw a new painting by an artist who has worked with me a few times, and who is now doing ABSTRACTS!!! I was blown away!!...and will talk about that tomorrow :)
Here are some locations for a few of my workshops. email me if you want more info on any of these...
I can't wait to see the water go down the drain BACKWARDS there!
September, 20, 27__Austin___ "Chocolates and Chiaroscuro" contact V...,. 
Oct. 28-30__Texas__at Fredericksburg Artists School
2013___New York City, Colorado, Massachusetts, Michigan, Pennsylvania...
2014___February 23-March 1___New Zealand

**BE SURE to tell me if you sign up! I like to send things to my students to get them ready, keep them "seeing", and thinking, and talking about it!


Anonymous said...

This is a good contrast of colors- Reid 2nd Period

Susan Roux said...

Beautiful demo! I love the warm / cool colors.

Pam Holnback said...

Beautiful color in the shadows! So cool about NZ. I know Joanne and this looks/sounds like fun!

Anonymous said...

The dark foreground balances with the light background nicely. - Louisa 3rd period