Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Cow Study 2

Cow Study 2__7x9 oil on oil paper__$190
As I kid I spent COUNTLESS hours sketching HORSES...(if you were once a little girl and were NOT obsessed with horses from age 5-12, I ask you, "REALLY?")
I sketched them from LIFE, from post cards, from my copies of Western Horseman Magazine and from my Walter Foster "How to Draw Horses" book!.I can draw horses from any angle and UPSIDEDOWN!...but cows???
Though I lived on a farm for 30 years with cows on the porch most of the time, I don't feel comfortable drawing them from memory. So, I go sketch them a lot!
Robin Cheers and I recently went cow tipping and sat on the hood of my truck for an afternoon of sketching!
Here is my tip to you artists...lay down the camera and pick up the sketchbook!
I blame my cow deficiencies on the camera!

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