Sunday, October 27, 2013

Under a Cowboy Sky

Under a Cowboy Sky___11 x 14 oil__SOLD
My Quick-Draw at the Light on the Land event
Ever heard of St. Jo, Texas?
My first time there was in August, when I had back-tracked to find highway 82 to go west and reconnect with 287 in Wichita Falls. I was headed from Ft. Worth to Colorado with my friend, and we were so busy talking that we missed our turn west and ended up in Oklahoma.... oops
But a few weeks before that, an artist friend Donna Howells-Sickles invited me to paint
in St. Jo at a brand new event called "Light on the Land"...she described her area of Texas as the north Texas Hill when Tina and I were making our way west on 82, and I noticed the beautiful scenery there near the Red River, we checked the map and, sure enough, St. Jo was just ahead!...
This weekend was the event, and the painting above was my quick-draw at last night's gala. 

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