Sunday, February 25, 2007

ACE Basin Reflections

"ACE Basin Reflections" 8 x 10
I made it back from South Carolina! Not before a wonderful little detour to the ACE Basin Wildlife refuge with a couple of dear friends and "Artist Heros"....Adele Earnshaw and Joe Garcia allowed me to tag along on their annual trip. We presented demos to a group of EXTREMELY talented young artists from South Carolina...and spent the rest of the week tooling around the Wildlife Management Area, painting, watching Whooping Cranes and alligators and seeking cell service in the swamp! Mostly I was just in awe of these two WONDERFUL artists....picking their brains about art theories and the origins of the Universe!
Please go look up these two amazing talents and marvel with me at their paintings....

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Marewheeee said...

I am floored by the number of talented and knowledgable painters out there. The internet has opened the doors for artists to show their work without depending on gallery acceptance.
I am just about to begin my first teaching gig this spring when I return to Massachusetts. Already have a slate of prospective students.
What I know though, is that when you teach painting you get SO much more back from the act itself and the students.
The painting blog is my preparation for the classes.