Friday, February 09, 2007

Winter Day Last Year on the Farm___3

"Winter Day Last Year on the Farm 9 pm hour"
This one is my favorite from the third group of 6 paintings( well, I also like the one after it from 10 pm....maybe I like that one better....OK, it's a tie )...part of 24 paintings in 24 hours I did last weekend. I painted many at night...but was not really planning to do any painting past 8 pm or so. When I painted the "Fall Day..." series, I got bored after it had been dark for a few hours, and painted most of those 24 during the day light. But , this full moon stayed nestled in the clouds most of the early part of the night time, and I had fun painting it. I stood with one leg in the studio and the other on the outside deck where I was cold, but 1/2 of me stayed warm, and it was the side with my "painting hand", so I was OK for the 20 - 30 minute duration of the painting. If you want to see the rest of the batch, please sign up with your e-mail address at right and click "join" will get my painting a day in your e-mail...just look at it and "toss" :)
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