Sunday, February 04, 2007

Winter Day 24 Hours

"Winter Day Last Year on the Farm" 24 paintings in 24 hours____7pm hour

I have wrapped up my 24 hour marathon for "Winter Day Last Year on the Farm"...the session surprised me in MANY ways....FIRST, I had not planned a few days ahead of time, like I did in the Fall. On Friday I began painting in the afternoon...the SKY was brilliant! I just kept going! I think I might have actually painted more than 24 paintings....I have only photographed a few and may not organize the series until early next week, because I am frantically trying to frame up, label, pack and ship dozens of paintings for the SEWE show in Charleston. I must ship the first batch this is a little tease of things to come! 24 paintings in 24 hours "Winter Day Last Year on the Farm"

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