Friday, November 23, 2007

Buscando Kid

"Buscando Kid".....oil on linen panel....8 x 10.....$150 to the first who wants it

My "studio sale" continues...I am not selling "studies" or practice paintings...these are my "usual" works, but ones that I have had for a year or more. I paint a LOT, and really don't like having too much laying around! So, Happy Holidays! Have a nice piece of art for a GREAT price and help me fit into this smaller studio! I won't do this for long....just till Christmas ;)

Next workshop is in Rockport, (where "Buscando Kid" was painted..."Buscando,", by the way, means "searching"). The workshop is on Sat. Dec. 8 . We will start early as usual at Cove Harbor, then we'll paint at the docks by Charlotte Plummers, trying for people this time. They are unloading lots of oysters these days and there are wonderful asian people wearing those cool hats and working with the catch....Bring cameras and sketch books! Let me know if you want to carpool from Austin!

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