Sunday, November 04, 2007

Buzzard Hour

"Last Year on the Farm - Summer 24- Buzzard Hour"........available
A few weeks ago, I painted 24 paintings in 24 hours - a full "Summer Day Last Year on the Farm". This was the painting I did while the buzzards were hanging around, circling while eavesdroping on me. I was listening to the Longhorn vs. Central Florida(?) football game on the radio, and painting away!
Next week I will be in Easton, MD for the Waterfowl Festival and painting at the Blackwater Wildlife refuge with my buddies Adele Earnshaw and Joe Garcia and Melanie Fain...
When I get back I will paint our "Last Fall Day on the Farm". I am hoping for a good cold drizzly, typical fall is all symbolic for me, now, and I NEED that, to put this era in its "place" in the history of my life....and to move on HAPPILY. God Bless Y'all!
Please look at the website next week. We will post the WHOLE series (except the LAST 240. The paintings that are still available will be noted. There are MANY available still, and now you can claim them! God Bless you all!

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