Wednesday, December 16, 2009

That Couch Look__sketch, dog, Great Dane

"That Couch Look__from my sketchbook _5.5 x 8.5 ebony on paper... $90 if you are first to ask for it!
Our "Good Dane" Romeo is not allowed on the couch...I just made life more difficult for myself for the next month or so by allowing him there, just now. Ah well, it's Christmas time...and my daughter's little dogs were on the couch in my lap and Romeo was just aching to join us..."well, OK, just this ONCE!"
I scanned it after my first 5 minute "scribble-in" (below). I think it's a good look at another way to sketch! Most of the time we start with LINES...but WHY? I will teach this "scribble-in" method at my workshops in 2010. It is a great intro to impressionism! Get out of the cold! Join me at the next workshop in Fredericksburg, TX, Feb. 5 - 7. email for info
"That Couch Look_State 1, the 'scribble-in'"


Kate said...

Love this! I know this look well!

Art with Liz said...

Oh gorgeous Romeo! You do so deserve a spot on the couch!

gjmart said...

Oh, what a wonderful moment! You have captured the look perfectly.Great job.

Elizabeth Seaver said...

Well, who could resist those eyes!? Love this!

Hello from Fredericksburg, Virginia!